EHE modular impeders provide an economical & highly efficient alternative to the clusters of small impeders that are frequently used to weld tubing in the 38mm to 150mm range.

The modular impeders consist of a central tube surrounded by one or more ferrite
cores. This core assembly is supported by an I.D. scarfing mandrel, or a length of non-ferrous pipe or tubing. An outer casing made from high temperature Silglass™ or similar tubing fits over the core assembly to protect the ferrite & direct the flow of coolant. Replaceable end caps fit into each end of the casing & are held in place by means of shaft collars that grip the mandrel or support tube. Different types of end caps are available to allow different coolant inlet & outlet options.

Because these modular impeders are only held in place by the collars at both ends,
the entire impeder can be rotated on the support structure if the casing suffers heat damage in the vicinity of the weld. This greatly extends the life of the impeder. The outer casing can also be easily replaced, since no fasteners are used to retain it. The casing is held in place only by flanges on the end caps, which are in turn retained by the collars.

Coolant can be supplied to the impeder either through the center support tube or
mandrel, which is the preferred method, or by means of separate coolant tubes. Numerous mounting & coolant delivery options are possible using these impeders. A few of the more common types are shown below.
100mm x 830mm impeder components
37mm impeder with tow rod & mount
37mm impeder disassembled
63mm impeder - Through flow configuration