Company Profile

EHE is a world leader in supplying
impeders and coils to the tube and
pipe industry, but we are much more
than that. Engineering experience is
the foundation on which we have 
built over the last 30 years. EHE
personal understand the principles of
getting power transferred into tube
and pipe for welding. This knowledge
allows us to continue to develop
innovative products. And our mission
is to provide fast, reliable service for
innovative products at highly
competitive prices. We receive calls
daily from a world wide customer
base not only to supply our standard components but to assist in developing, designing, and manufacturing new products for ever increasing demands. 

Product Overview

From a simple stick of ferrite to complete welder bus assemblies EHE has a full range of products for welding tube, shapes, or pipe. Components range from off the shelf ferrite and impeders to component assemblies built to your drawings or engineered in house. Our in house engineering department is available to design solutions and components to meet your specific needs. We look forward to your calls for assistance in improving an existing operation or to solve a welding problem.
EHE Updates:
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EHE's new O D tube scarfing equipment & tools offer a variety of benefits click here for more information, or you can find it on our Technical Info page
Last updated: April 1st 2010.